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CSL Why sit it out
Virtual yoga and Pilates

Virtual yoga and Pilates

Can’t get to your local gym for a yoga or Pilates class? De-stress and improve your core strength with an online class instead! And because yoga and Pilates don’t need much space or any special equipment, they’re great for getting some exercise in the comfort of your own home.*

*Always speak with the haemophilia care team before taking on a new activity — even one you are trying at home.

But how do I get involved?

Get stuck in with an online Pilates or yoga workout, or pay to attend live virtual classes with an instructor. Younger yogis can even try a themed class, like this one inspired by their favourite video game character.

If you decide to participate in a virtual workout, these tips can help you to exercise safely and enjoy the class:

  • Have a bottle of water nearby to keep hydrated
  • Keep your space clear of pets and/or other young children who may run into the area
  • To minimise the risk of trips or falls, remove any rugs or mats before starting
  • Pick a space with enough room to do all the exercises during the virtual class
  • Get permission from your parent/carer before signing up for a class when payment is required


Virtual yoga and Pilates Virtual yoga and Pilates
Virtual yoga and Pilates
Virtual yoga and Pilates