CSL Why Sit it Out
Physiotherapists perspective

Physiotherapists perspective

CSL Why sit it out

Find your
way to get

Want to get active but not sure where to start? Finding it hard to make time for exercise? Or not sure why you should even bother? Physiotherapists Fionnuala Sayers and Sarah Jones explain why nobody with haemophilia should sit it out and offer their top tips to inspire you to get moving.

By getting moving you may build muscle strength and support joint health, improve confidence, and learn new skills. So what’s the best way to get started? Whether you’re starting something new or getting back into an activity you used to do, Fionnuala Sayers and Sarah Jones use their experience as physiotherapists to help you get started. Remember to always speak to your haemophilia care team before starting a new exercise.

Whats stopping you?

Whether it's a lack of time or feeling unmotivated, lots of things can get in the way of getting active. Discover the things that might be stopping you and how to get moving anyway.

How will you start?

You've decided you want to get active, but how will you start? From choosing your activity to building your confidence, find some great ideas for getting started with new activities.

What will it do for you?

The benefits of getting active go beyond looking after your muscles and joints. What will it do for you? Will you make new friends? Can it help you de-stress? Learn about all these benefits and more.

What is your first step?

Want to be active but not sure where to start? Everyone is different, watch this video to find out what your first step should be.

Find the right
activity for you

Here are some ideas to get you started –
and they’re not all organised sports!

Physiotherapists perspective