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About us

We believe that nobody with haemophilia should sit it out. We want to support children and young people with haemophilia to live the healthiest possible life by encouraging positive habits and attitudes towards physical activity at an early age.

Why Sit It Out? seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise for children and young people with haemophilia and has three key areas of focus:

  • To support them to overcome barriers to being active
  • To help them to try new activities
  • To inspire them to keep being active

The Haemophilia Society

The campaign is initiated and funded by CSL Behring and endorsed by The Haemophilia Society.

The Haemophilia Society is the only UK wide charity for everyone affected by bleeding disorders, helping people to lead fulfilling lives, make informed choices and to support and inspire others.

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Young people and their parents

We would like thank Ross, Paul, Ishmael, Joshua, James and Henry for sharing their stories with us, and their parents for supporting them in their sporting endeavours. Whilst taking part in sports and physical activity may present more challenges to people with haemophilia and their families than others, these inspiring young people have shown that having haemophilia doesn’t need to hold you back.

Healthcare professionals

Dr Kate Khair has provided us with invaluable support in the development of the Why Sit It Out? campaign, providing guidance and advice from her many years of experience in working with people with haemophilia. Dr Kate Khair is a Trustee of The Haemophilia Society and Chair of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Nurses Committee.

We would also like to thank the following healthcare professionals for their helpful insights and contributing to the development of the Why Sit It Out? campaign.

Shaun Emmitt, Benign Haematology Nurse Specialist, Sheffield Children's Hospital
Debra Pollard, Lead Nurse – Haemophilia, Haemophilia Centre & Thrombosis Unit, Royal Free Hospital
Sarah Jones, Specialist Haemophilia Physiotherapist, Cardiff Haemophilia Centre
Nicola Hubert, Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist, Haemophilia Centre, Great Ormond Street Hospital
Jenna Stanley, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Haemophilia, St Thomas' Hospital

Mount Cook Adventure Centre

We would also like to thank the Mount Cook Adventure Centre for the use of their facilities in the creation of this campaign.

Mount Cook is a not-for-profit organisation based in Derbyshire, whose mission is "To provide access to the outdoors and outdoor activities for all, especially young people and those who would not otherwise have the opportunity."

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