CSL Why Sit it Out
CSL Why sit it out

James, aged 9


I first started playing golf when I was three and first started playing real competitions when I was seven. It really took me in! I just like whacking a ball.

I enjoy it lots and lots because it makes me feel sort of happy and nervous at the same time. I play twice a week and it’s taken me a while and I’ve had to be very patient.

The only thing I worry about is if I’m not going to win because I mostly do competitions. There aren’t many people around my age, so I play against older people or people younger than me.

James' story

What I get from sport

I also play other sports and I go to Cubs on Tuesday. I love team sports like basketball, because it makes me feel part of a team and included. My friends just behave with me like they behave to anyone else, and the teachers don’t treat me differently to anybody else.

I really like being outside and exploring the outside world. If I weren’t doing all this I’d feel very sad and left out.

PE at school

I take part in most things during PE. There’s a little medical room, and if they don’t know about my haemophilia, there’s a slip with my name on it that’s up there and it says what to do if I’m hurt.

I just like whacking a ball! I enjoy golf lots and lots because it makes me feel sort of happy and nervous at the same time.

My message to other boys with haemophilia

If there was someone with haemophilia, I would say to them ‘go on, have a go, it’s fun’. It’s very important to do exercise. I think they should try any sport that they like – just try things.

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